Natasha Kosvintseva Begisheva

I am a professional fine art painter. My passion is illustration for children as I love to draw animals for them.

I am 33 years old and I was born in Russia. Spain is the place where I grew and shaped as the artist I am today. Now I¨m studying an interior design degree in a Superior Design School of Madrid and many courses of fine arts during the year.

Art has always run through my veins. I had pleasure and luck to be part of great academic art schools such as Río Creative Art Center or Artium Peña in the heart of Madrid, where i learned to see the world from an analytical point of view in visual and sensory, making each of my works done having a critical look and demanding. Art is what makes me happy and I like to transmit to my spectators what I feel through what they are putting into their life through my brush. I think that through art we become more human so more beautiful.

I would like to mention some of my best teachers:

Painter Dr. Miguel Domínguez Rigo- Doctorate (PhD) in Fine Art


Painter and sculptor José Lorenzo - University Degree in fine art and many design formation courses 








                                                                                                  Madrid, Spain                                                                 +34 633-89-69-24